Occupation: Teacher
Age: 23

Why do you think you should be Mr. CBD and what do you think you can bring to the competition that nobody else does?

I think that respecting yourself is key to respecting others. By putting my best self forward I am showing that I respect others through my dress, grooming and positive outlook. I am saying “I have taken the time to present well because I value the people I am interacting with.”

Two weeks ago in my classroom a student wanted to try out for the cross-country team and to represent the school. He was afraid that he wasn’t fast enough or tall enough to succeed. I told him to give it a go and to try his best, and, no matter what to be proud of his efforts. After this discussion, I considered how I could put myself outside of my comfort zone and take on new experiences. When I saw the Mr. CBD competition I simply thought this was my chance to lead by example in this respect.

Other than looking good in a suit, what is your secret skill or talent?

I am classically trained and have a pretty good singing voice!

The Animal Welfare League of NSW helps respond to cases of neglect and abuse of animals. Why do you think this is an important cause?

I think we should be stewards of the Earth and care for creatures that do not have a voice. It is really sad that so many animals are endangered and that we do not respect the habitats of these animals. Neglect and abuse of any living creature should never happen. It goes against respect for self, others and the whole living planet.