Occupation: Sales Director
Age: 31

Why do you think you should be Mr. CBD and what do you think you can bring to the competition that nobody else does?

I am ambitious, charming and am a genuinely nice guy who enjoys wearing a suit. I work in sales, so selling is my strong point- selling myself will be another sale I’ll enjoy making 😉

Other than looking good in a suit, what is your secret skill or talent?

This is no secret to those who know me but I am a great cook. MKR wanted me for the last series when they heard I could cook minute rice in 58 seconds, unfortunately had to turn them down due to work commitments. I can cook great dishes from all over the world but my favourite thing to make is rib eye steak.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?

Justin Bieber – I’d announce my retirement from music then follow up with a laryngectomy.

The Animal Welfare League of NSW helps respond to cases of neglect and abuse of animals. Why do you think this is an important cause?

I think a society that cares about animals will also care about each other. We need to care well for those most in need, whether animal or human.