Occupation: Actor/Entrepreneur
Age: 25

Why do you think you should be Mr. CBD and what do you think you can bring to the competition that nobody else does?

When I think of the title, I imagine someone who people not only want to look at, but also listen to. Looks can only go as far as the barrel of a camera; it’s the combination of looks and personality that will go beyond. Alongside my blue eyes and Johnny Bravo jaw line, I’m an entertainer at heart and like to be watched. I bring intelligence, charm, wit, confidence, youthfulness and a nice haircut to the table – the recipe of a Mr CBD winner. I don’t lift weights in front of a mirror, I do triathlons. I don’t spray myself orange, I get outdoors. I don’t wax my chest, because I don’t grow much chest hair. I am your au naturel, all organic, sophisticated yet down-to-earth kind of guy… I am Mr CBD.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
Jesus – I would eradicate all mosquitos.

The Animal Welfare League of NSW helps respond to cases of neglect and abuse of animals. Why do you think this is an important cause?

As a dog owner and aware of the special relationship a human can have with an animal, I believe this is an extremely important cause. Animal cruelty is far too prevalent in today’s society. Vegetarianism is one example of how I exemplify this in my values in day-to-day life. I see my dog as part of my family and I wouldn’t want a family member treated in the same way as some of the abused animals; and that is why the Animal Welfare League is an important cause.