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Mr Cbd is unique to Australia, being the only event-celebrating guys in suits.

We deliver a compelling combo of flirty fun and entertainment with quality drinks and food in a popular CBD venue while raising money for a great cause.

For singles seeking a great night out with friends that also brings the possibility of meeting hot, eligible men, MR CBD is a show and party combined where you can flirt for a great cause. Unlike other male beauty comps and dating events, MR CBD brings singles together in a fun, informal space where a good time is guaranteed.

MR CBD donates money raised from auctioning the competition finalists to Animal Welfare League NSW, an organisation which aids neglected and mistreated animals.

For the boys, MR CBD is the best fun you can have in a suit. For the girls, it’s a chance to get up close and personal with Sydney’s hottest men in suits, and bid to win a date with your favourite.

The MR CBD event is a unique audience proposition – an interactive male beauty pageant with a party around it. It makes for a perfect night out for a group of friends.

Both the MR CBD finalists and the girls who bid highest for them win fantastic prize packages of luxury goods, plus a dinner for their date night at a top Sydney venue.

MR CBD is a fabulous flirt fest where you can mingle and meet guys or just have fun with friends, a drink, a dance and a laugh.

MR CBD celebrates men who rock a suit, make us go ‘mmm’ and win hearts with their personality.

Mr CBD is a charity event with all auction proceeds going to Animal Welfare League NSW





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